Floral Design:

The New Era

What sets Bo Botanica Academy apart from most floristry schools is Amy's vision and determination to catapult Floral Design into a new era...

An era that shakes off the somewhat archaic practices and perceptions of how floristry 'should' be approached, learned, executed and embraced; an era where this art form supercedes the more traditional and prescribed methods of ‘flower arranging’, 

Bo Botanica Academy; the modern take on the traditional 'floristry school'

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"Floral Design; art using fresh flowers

as the medium of expression"

At Bo Botanica Academy you will be encouraged and supported in honing your own unique style of expression, empowering you to confidently flourish as an individual artist in your own right; whether that be at our "Boss It" career course or a half day Masterclass learning how to arrange flowers for your home, our ethos is the same.


In our in-depth courses you’ll learn the essential and fundamental technical skills required in succeeding as a competent Floral Designer.

Along with these crucial insights into the technical mechanics, Amy will impart her invaluable design knowledge encapsulating composition, form, structural technique, balance, colour, natural materials and tool-kit, while supporting and guiding you in developing your own designs and interpretations.

Armed with your newfound expertise, it’s over to you to discover and refine your distinctive style and finesse with absolute creative freedom with Amy's support and, more notably, her fun and infectious encouragement...